Class Of 55 Reunion
Philip W. Rockwell September 2000


The reunion is less than a month away, Stop eating donuts and crullers today, Buy a new shirt and a tie to go, Let out the waist and learn how to sew. So what if my hair is a little bit gray, And half of it has fallen away, I saw a new style, maybe I'll try it, As for the gray, why not dye it? Diet? Oh no. Who said that? It's all pure muscle, not a bit fat. My waist has grown an inch or so, From eating a little bit too much dough. Dough? It's coming out of my ears, Been retired for a couple of years, I count the cash 'most every night, Bmer, Armani, and Gucci yeah right. Write a biography covering 45 years, Tell all about your foibles and fears, Live in the city or out on the prairie? Where did you go and who did you marry? Mary Ann, Joyce, Alice, and Kate, Seeing them again will be just great, I can hardly wait the see the whole crew, Then I open the door, they ask, "Walt who?"
Moments to Remmber Be Patient.....