Class Prophecy - 1955

It is the year 1970. The site of the launching of the fabulous new atomic fueled rocket ship that is planned to take passengers to any destination on the face of the earth is thronged with a mass of people eager to be the first to have a ride. Among the milling thousands are certain members of the Class of '55, who after pulling strings, crossing many palms with silver, and a signing waivers to all insurance policies, are admitted as passengers on this history making flight.
Take-off time! Our joyous yet apprehensive celestial voyagers climb aboard, and after taking their seats and turning on huge terrestrial-viewing screen, they signal the pilot that all is ready. The powerful generators whine, the nerve tingling scream
of high speed turbines deepens to a near deafening roar, the monstrous ship quivers and slowly begins to rise as billions of tiny chain reactions produce many tons of vertical thrust. The speed increases rapidly, and senses become dull under the terrific strain of supersonic acceleration.
Suddenly visions clear as the acceleration is decreased, and the terrestrial-viewing screen reveals a strange and mystifying sight. The world our foolhardy colleagues look down on is one that might be imagined by a "Shadow of the Future" author. "What has happened?" is the whispered question; does approaching the speed of light, contrary to popular belief, make time turn forward instead of backward? As everyone seems to be in good health and spirits, our daring adventurers decide to continue their amazing and mystical trip and get an idea of what is happening in this day to come.
The first people they notice are Sue Silverman, who is now raising rare horses, and Bev James, who is running a charity home for the people who bet on them.

Kay Timan, Barbara Tawyer, Mary Ann King, Carol Lang, Helen Warwick, Betty Jean Walther, and Joyce Danuszar have been transferred to the new office of the Stock Exchange on Mars.
Say, there's Liz Sharp!!

Ruth Twister is now producing and directing Jerry Kanter's new TV program,"When I'm Not Near the Girl I love, I Love the Girl I'm near."

Nancy Kurkul has just set a new speed record, and is now the world's fastest typist. Joan Tumasz has married her former boss in New York and is also his secretary.

Laura Carlson and Joe have two sets of triplets and that makes it an even half-dozen.

Dick Ramos is coaching track at Notre Dame while coach Lark Melvin is revolutionizing football and has it worked down to nine men.

Socialite Gloria Beers has been engaged to Jimmy LoStocco and Bill McGetrick for some time. She is undecided. Which one will it be?

Dick Eriksen is now one of the foremost lawyers of the nation, and has just won a case defending the scientist, Mike Feen, who was arrested for disturbing the peace experimenting on his latest project.
Jolting Joe Dominakus is defending his wrestling title at Madison Square Garden.

Dave Matthews is now a big success with his skunk farm which just goes to show-- accidents sometimes bring success.

Arthur Murray is no match for Joe Bailey's new dancing school.

Squeek Tino and Bill Contois have gone into partnership. They are manufacturing elevator shoes.

Eddie Gulla has improved on Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

Duane Blake has a pig and turkey farm in Alaska.

Jock Isles has nothing to do and is running around his oil fields escorted by his fleet of Jaguars.

Jimmy Ferrando has taken time from his dental practice to collaborate with Irving Berlin on the musical score of the new Broadway hit "Ricochet," starring Peggy Steck.

Elizabeth Woodin is keeping Royal Schlitter company on his lonely job as harbor pilot.

Pat (Shatsy) Merritt has informed us that she has taken much of her material for the twenty novels that she has written from her experiences with the Class of '55. She writes only comedy, naturally.

Marilyn Baiad holds the highest paying secretarial job in the county.

Charles Hinkley, head draftsman of the North American Aircraft Corporation, is designing a new jet engine.

Robbie (Honest Abe) Feinson has been following in his father's footsteps, and has just opened a chain of stores reaching to Los Angeles; their slogan is "Another Day,Another Dollar."

Natalie Stuart is secretary to the New York Yankees.

Marlene Ryan has just become part of the Nash Corporation.

The TV program, The Camel Caravan, has a new sports announcer, Don Jowdy.

Mary Louise Previdi is now chief consultant for the Max Factor Cosmetic Company.

Donato Leone has been signed up as the under study to the aging Liberace.

We see that Bob Leheny has bought out Burn's Drug Store.
June Landry,great dramatic actress has the lead in that fabulous children's play, "Come Back Little Sheep," written by June Landry, produced by June Landry,directed by June Landry, and financed by friends in New Hampshire.

Bernie Kilcourse has just achieved his life long ambition of becoming a tax exempt millionaire-- But wait -- isn't that Bernie now cruising up the river dressed  in that striking striped suit.

Nancy Belle Thompson, making a debut at the Met, is still debating whether to sing "Shake,Rattle and Roll," or "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey."

Sue Ginsberg has revolutionized the Dior look--Need we say more?
Artist Walt Rockwell is using French model Connie Genest for his abstract art.

Ginny Sweeney has just joined the faculty of Yale---How convenient! It's right near home.

Louis Abdella has just completed the first pyramid in North America.
Anna Beck has convinced the Met that she would be perfect for the lead in "Carmen."

Pete Darling is still bouncing on the take-offs, though he has owned his own air strip for years.

Babs Targett has just chosen Marilee Rasmussen as nurse for her children, while Eddie takes her on her second honeymoon.

Dick Lucas has just become professor of electronics at the University of Heidelberg.

Saul Yasler has finally achieved his dream of visiting all his friends on Mars. Bon Voyage!

Pete Sickinger is now president of the National Boxing Association.

Nancy Andrews is now in Paris designing hair styles for psychiatrist Renata Adler.

Warren Beardow is still a bachelor.

Somebody goofed! We see that Carol's last name is still Anderson. However, we have high hopes for the future.

Dave's Old Six has a new manager who is bottling his own concoction for Dentist George Sakellares, who uses it as a substitute for Novocaine. (We Hope!)

Eugene Brochu has taken over his father's practice. His favorite patient is Mary Ann Kieras. He certainly is giving her the eye--glasses.

Jon Anderson has just constructed a new Univac to give him his answers.

Susan Higginbotham, registered nurse, has been hired by Mike Troy to take care of his kids. We assumed he finally married the boss's daughter.

Gus Tozzi has joined the Seebees and as he goes by on his bulldozer he gives us a friendly hello.

Jack Menzer is now a general in the French Foreign Legion. He is in charge of flood control in the Sahara Desert.

Gaylord Rockwell has just acquired his Ph.D. He is now an educated hobo.

Kevin McMahon, head of The Department of Missing Females of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is now working on the case of the missing librarian.

By the way, we haven't seen Peggy Lewis yet.

We see that Agnes Betty Joyce is finally married to Ray.

Chris Moran is now head of the Senate Crime Investigating Committe. Boy, have things changed.

We see that Mary Ann Young is busy raising little Bunnies. Joseph La Cava is buy raising lettuce.

Frank Platt is now editor of the New York Times.

Wee that Dick Rapp has finally improved Main Street.

We wonder what became of Sally Beschle. The last time we saw her she was looking through the wrong end of an X-ray machine.

Ronny Vidal has finally won the contract for taking the class pictures of the class of '75.

Rosalie Kallas has succeeded in her lifelong ambition to be Harvey Wildman's dental assistant.

Betsy Starr together with Bob Morlock is raising a "Little Mo" football team. She always said--"Cheaper by the Dozen."

Bernie Gallo is still trying to work up enough courage to ask Stella.

Oh,oh, see Steve McNamara skidding down Golden Hill sideways in one of Bill Neilson's new trailer trucks.

Robert Rosenbaum never achieved his dream of becoming president of the U.S., but he did manage,however, to become president of the Amalgamated Pawn Broker's Association.

Speaking of presidents, we see that Tanny Wiggins has been elected president of the D.A.R.

Skippy Pooler has just been promoted from chief bottle washer to chief potato peeler on the S.S.Michigan.

We see Steve Plevka has succeeded in crossing beans and corn to make a succotash plant.

The expert plumber, Fred Bronson, has just completed a pipe line from Milwaukee to his kitchen tap. Incidentally, Schlitz Brewery is complaining about its diminishing reserve.

Dave Coe has hired a strip of the Danbury Airport on which to fly his model planes,so he won't have to disturb Miss Gleason.

Tony Marinaro has just arrested Gary Kennen for doing 125 in a 20 mile zone. Gary claims he is innocent.

Reggie and Ronny Zurinkas have finally gotten on "Who's Who" in 1970. We still can't tell the difference. Neither could the publisher. That's how they both got in.

Dick Humphrey, chief bouncer at the Monte Carlo, was caught while sleeping on the job by a raid headed by Alice Gervansoni.

Last, but not least, we find Dick Baldwin is a great success in his prosperous undertaking business. By the way,he is also National Sharpshooter Champion.