Last Will and Testament

We, the Class of '55. of the Town of Danbury in the County of Fairfield in the State of Connecticut, being of lawful age, of sound and disposing mind,memory and judgment, do hereby make, publish and
declare this to be our last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all previous wills and codicils by us made.
LOUIS ABDELLA leaves still singing "Teach Me Tonight."
ROBERT EHRHARDT leaves Miss Previdi feeling very relieved.
RENATA ADLER leaves her sophisticated ways to Peggy Gilloti.
PAT MURPHY leaves her book reports and themes to her sister.
MARIE ALIBRO leaves hoping to be an accomplished accordion player.
RITA NATALE leaves for Becker to see Bill.
SEBASTIAN ALMEIDA leaves his quiet ways to Dave Johnson.
ANGIE NAZZARO leaves for Henry Abbott Tech to join Paul.
CAROL ANDERSON leaves he height to Jeannette Mariani.
PHIL NEILS leaves - now he can smoke in peace.
JON ANDERSON leaves his autograph - on the desk in Room 305.
CARL NOACK leaves by his daily trodden path,across the tracks.
BARBARA ARNOLD leaves her bubbling personality to 7-up.
NANCY NOVICKY leaves still
MARILYN BAIAD leaves her petiteness to Marlene Heim.
MARLENE RYAN leaves for the Knight Club in a Nash-Mercury.
JEANNIE GROLLJAHN leaves her straws to the Freshman Class. They are the only ones who drink soda.
JOHN RENDER leaves his box of tiddly winks to Bob Stevens.
BOB GRUSS leaves in a flash of yellow.
JANE REYNOLDS leaves through the key hole.
ED GULLA leaves Miss Treadwell. We don't think she'll miss him.
ALICE STEVENS leaves still one step ahead of her brother.
RALPH GUSTAFSON leaves his car to anybody in the junior class who will put gas in it.
GORDON MOREHOUSE leaves his bass voice to the cows in the pasture.
DOROTHY HADDY leaves still looking for the man of her dreams.
PAT MERRITT leaves still trying to collect money for the name cards.
MARLENE HANNA leaves her blond hair to Nancy Krestofitz.
ED MOORE leaves his false teeth peddling route to join his brother.
LORRAINE HAYTER leaves her sober ways.
THERESA MICHINKO leaves still talking about her trip to Washington,D.C.
BARBARA PALANZO leaves four years to late.
PEG MILLER leaves after being buried under an avalanche of books.
DONALD PARILLE leaves hoping to go to M.I.T.
JOYCE DOUTNEY leaves for the roller coaster at Coney Island.
KATHLEEN PARKER leaves bouncing between Florida and Danbury.
PAT DOUTNEY leaves her bashful manner to Sandra Scully.
LOIS PECK leaves her wandering eye to a fellow traveler.
BILL DOWNS leaves still trying to be teacher's pet.
DICK ERIKSEN leaves his wardrobe, advertising "What the Well Dressed Man Should Wear" to Bobby Marquis.
JIM FERRANDO leaves all the money he's saved on gas by parking to Bob Brochu.
THOMAS EVAGASH leaves in a hurry. He's going to substitute for Eddie Fisher tonight on TV.
FRANNY KONYA leaves taking her nickname with her.
MARILYN MAGINLEY leaves her prudish ways to Gail Marcey.
BERNARD KILCOURSE leaves his nickname "The Killer" to Kenny Michael.
ANTHONY MARINARO leaves his hair slickness to all the junior boys with unruly hair.
ROSALIE KALLAS leaves still trying to redeem herself.
FLORENCE MARKETTI leaves all her favorite expressions to the freshman boys.
TONY LOSTOCCO leaves the halls of DHS - silence prevails now.
ANTHONY MASCIO leaves still looking for a girl under five feet.
TANNY WIGGINS leaves an empty seat in the Redding school Bus.
JOHN MENZER leaves with his face and glasses to become an understudy for Francis on the Milton Berle show.
LYDA MAE WILLIAMS leaves everybody wondering who her spouse is.
WALLACE VANDEUSEN leaves to buy his own vegetable truck.
BILL CONTOIS leaves his unused energy for any needy underclassman.
RONALD VIDAL leaves his unused flashbulbs to next year's yearbook photographer.
JOHN CORBETT leaves with his space helmet under his arm.
MARTINA WAHLSTROM leaves yelling "Hi! O Silver."
ALICE CURTIN leaves her hour-glass figure to Eleanor Mead.
BETTY JEAN WALTHER leaves to look for someone who'll buy her a big blue Oldsmobile.
PETER DARLING leaves with his wings spread and his throttle open.
THOMAS WATSON leaves for missionary school in his convertible.
SHIRLEY DASCANO leaves her deep voice.
JOAN WEBSTER leaves her Ipana smile to Ed Sullivan.
DIRK DAVENPORT leaves still studying for a Eagle Scout Badge.
DICK LUCAS leaves to make his own automobile engine.
JUNE LANDRY leave to ski to Maine.
BETTY HEALY leaves her slim torso to Pauline Repko.
CAROL LANG leaves without ever saying "Boo."
JOHN HEERING leaves for a job in Barnum and Bailey's.
MARGARET LARMEY leaves her lisp to next year's speech classes.
DONALD GARRICK leaves still trying to give a speech in Mr.Sauer's room without blushing.
GEORGE LEE leaves still unconquered by the girls.
BEV GEED leaves with her blue eyes and real blond hair for a white cap and a thermometer.
HELEN LEE leaves her curly red locks to Ginny McClusky.
CONNIE GENEST leaves her line--be careful boys,don't trip.
JOYCE WEAVER leaves to give all her time to the Girl Scouts.
MARGUERITE GEORGE leaves her initials to Margaret Gillotti.
BOB MARRON leaves . . . unknown.
JEANNETT GIL leaves to become the first woman constable in Danbury.
DAVE MATTHEWS leaves his scent behind.
SUE GINSBERG leaves for U-conn,home economics and Dick.
LILLIAN BURTH leaves her heels to Lynn Thompson.
NORMA GLOVER leaves still wondering just what she has left.
HELLEN GUSSEN  leaves her "bow" to Betsy Baldwin.
HERB GOLDER leaves for Redding - there's no question why.
EMIL FUSEK leaves his height to Marc Butlein.
BEV MOSES leaves for Danbury Hospital and a starched white cap.
DONALD FLYE leaves to further his swatting ability.
SOPHIE MURAD leaves still ringing up sales at the First National.
SHIRLEY KUNDRAT leaves for places unknown.
MARJORIE BENTON leaves still saying,"Did anybody do their homework?"
MARY LOUISE PREVIDI leaves her influence with the office to WALT RUSH.
SALLY BESCHLE leaves for better days at Woolworth's.
BARBARA PFLOMM and ANNA PLEVKA leave still looking for each other.
HARRIET BOUCHARD leaves to join Roger Smith.
FRANK PLATT leaves his worries of the yearbook to next year's co-editor.
LORRAINE CARRINE leaves to open a Lazania kitchen.
DONALD KARCHESKI leaves his track shoes to Jim Murphy.
RAY CASTELPOGGI leaves to be Art Carney's understudy.
VINNIE TALARICO leaves still trying to charleston.
SANDRA CHAMBERS leaves to join her beau.
MARY ANN KIERAS leaves her bottle of in eradicator to Miss Crosby.
BARBARA CONTINHO leaves her loud voice to Barbara Mann.
BETTY BOLLER and THEODORA FEHRENBACK leave as quietly as they came.
DAVID COE leaves with his arm still around NANCY KURKUL.
FRANCES BENICEWICZ still leaves her taste for older men to Mary Lynn Kubisek.
JANET KRISS leaves her bottle of peroxide to Sue Farrell.
STEVE PLEVKA leaves still saying --"Gee,If I only had a car."
DICK RAMOS leaves still running the four minute mile.
LEONARD KELLY leaves his book on Liberace to Modzelewski.
ANNE HEILEMAN leaves her carrot top to Gay Burdick.
GARY KENNEN leaves choking on his harmonica.
JOAN HERRICK leaves her ambition.
BIZ BLACKMAN leaves her love for sports to Sylvia St.Jean.
RONALD HERTER leaves his unassuming ways to John Zinzer.
NANCY ANDREWS leaves her radiant smile to Jeanette Mariani.
NANCY HISSONG leaves to sit on her boss's lap.
GLORIA BEERS leaves to model clothes for Christian Dior.
LYNN HOBSON leaves still looking for her glasses.
DUANE BLAKE leaves in a flurry of turkey feathers.
NANCY THOMPSON leaves no more broken chairs.
AL BENSO leaves still trying to say,"pizzacato."
KAY TIMAN leaves her stag line behind.
LINDA KEATING leaves her seat in Mr.Child's room.
SQUEEK TINO leaves his hot rodding ability to Bob Young.
PAT TALLMAN leaves to work at Lillian Garber's.
MARY TOMAINO leaves her band box appearance to Emmy Duhamel.
GLORIA McKEE would like to will her quiet ways to Chris Heim.
ROYAL SCHLITTER leaves with LIZ WOODIN, of course.
JACKIE SIMOES leaves her short hair cut to Sheila McKay.
EMIL SEMCZUK leaves still explaining "his theory."
RICHIE SMITH leaves his curls to John Simpson.
MARIE DEFAZIO leaves a wad of gum under every desk in DHS.
Open the doors wide,McGET is finally leaving and with a book under his arm entitled,"How To Finish High School In Five Years Or More."
SHIRLEY DEKKER leaves her silent moods to Sonja Augusewicz.
JEAN DUMAS leaves her Fro meeting problems to Patsy Beard.
JACKIE DIDWALL leaves her dancing ability to "Squares of "58."
MAUREEN DURKIN leaves her infectious giggle to Valerie Matz.
JIM DINGEE leaves hoping coach will get enough out of his guards next year.
RICHARD DURKIN leaves with his head still high in the clouds.
MARLENE DINGEE leaves her mature ways to Pat Beard.
ANN DURYEA leaves Francis Boucher regretfully.
JOE DOMINAKUS leaves his daily seat in Room 20 to WALT RUSH.
JEANETTE DZIATKOWSKI leaves to practice her "arpeggios."
WILLIAM PETRUNO leaves his girl chasing manners to Mike Paltrowitz.
GARY ELWELL leaves his wavy hair to Roger Roy.
JOYCE DANUSZAR leaves her sly remarks--thank goodness.
MARGARET EMERITO leaves her talent for always saying the wrong thing to Kay Shannon.
SHELDON McKEE leaves his science-fiction books to Miss Sturges.
HARVEY MARTIN leaves with STEVE McNAMARA and Lorraine Waters. When will they find out that three's a crowd.
ALMA VOITKO leaves her favorite expression behind. "Do I have any homework tonight?"
HELEN WARWICK leaves her long blond hair to next year's boy cheerleaders.
BARBARA PALANZO leaves her probation slip to Irene Saviano.
SKIPPY POOLER leaves for modeling school.
PAT PRINCIPE leaves to bring her problems to the nearest counselor.
BARBARA SCHNEIDER leaves after a short stay at DHS.
ROSE SHOWAH leaves her speed on the basketball court to "Butch" Timan.
RONNIE STOUGHTON leaves for Newtown.
NATALIE STUART leaves--- was she here at all.
BEVERLY TAYLOR leaves all the answers in history class to Mr.Peterson.
GLORIA URBAN leaves her all male Trig.class to Mary Mudry.
HARVEY WILDMAN leaves his shaggy hat,whistle, and baton to anyone who can hold them.
RONALD WOHLKEN leaves everyone wondering how he talked his way out of seventh period.
ELEANOR COREY leaves her Sears Roebuck driver's license to Valerie Matz.
MARY ANN KING leaves without her pass card.
VINCENT TANGREDI leaves his job at Pace's Service Station to any eligible Sophomore.
AUGUST TOZZI leaves to Coach Crotty a very efficient managing staff for next year. Good luck! Coach.
SUSAN HIGGANBOTHAM leaves her book on "How To Win Friends and Influence People to Jeanie Deklyn.
CHARLES HINKLEY leaves with pleasant memories of his "accident" in front of the Spa.
CAROL HOOPER leaves "Twinkle Toes" behind to be distributed among the freshman girls.
PEG TOMAINO leaves her subtle sarcasm to Pat Meath, her giggle to Pat Andrews.
THOMAS SCHULLERY leaves to hide his diploma before someone changes their mind.
ELAINE DECKER leaves her mass of freckles to Kay Miller....a few more won't make that much difference.
BILL NEILSON leaves still trying to find home plate and the strike zone.
BOB MORLOCK leaves his map to New York State which he hasn't used in a long time.
TONY MERANTE leaves bouncing between the book-ends at the Danbury Library.
MARGARET MOSCA leaves to have her name inscribed in the United Nations Building.
CHRIS MORAN leaves still saying."Mr.President,please speak louder; we can't hear back here."
MARGARET KOPERNO leaves her book entitled "How To Be Popular" to whoever wants it.
JOAN WAYMAN leaves her favorite saying "Meow" to the Sophomore girls.
THE SENIOR GIRLS leave; we hope Sophomore boys can get along without them.
MARILEE RASMUSSEN leaves her sunny disposition to Sandy Roy--Here's hoping she makes good use of it.
PEGGY STECK leaves to model foundation garments in "Bump's Bargain Basement."
PAT CAWLEY leaves still singing,"I Want To Be Evil !"It's all an act.
FRED STEVENS leaves one free driving lesson to anyone who dares take a chance.
MIKE KUBICA leaves to tour Denmark.
CLAIRE CALKINS leaves to star in the new Broadway production "Sadie Hawkins."
LAURA CARLSON leaves her levities behind--Thank Goodness.
JANIS CARRANO leaves; although we didn't ever hear her coming.
JOAN CLAUSING leaves her unused make-up kit to Carol Woodworth.
GEORGE SAKELLARES leaves for his naval command,a fleet of Ferry Boats.
EDITH SALANITIS leaves her quietness to Jeannett Ocif.
TONY SCALZO leaves his shop experience to Al Russo.
FRANCES TOMASCAK leaves her place on the Brookfield school bus to AUGUST TOZZI.
RUTH TWISTER leaves for better days with Jerry.
MIKE TROY leaves with his siren going full blast.
JOAN TUMASZ leaves with a dented chevy.
JOYCE FAIRFAX and FRANCIS BACON leave these halls for darker places.
MIKE FEEN leaves his cigarette collection to anyone who has nerve enough to smoke them.
ROBERT FEINSON leaves his job at his father's store. Will he open a suburban branch?
RONNIE GABOARDI, MANNY OLIVEIRA and JOHN MONTESI leave their tumbling trunks with Mr.Musson.
BARBARA TARGETT leaves to be come head commander at Fort Dix.
ROSALIE FERRIS leaves--is it possible it can be without HELEN SAGER?
BARBARA TAWYER leaves her piano ability to Sandra Lynch.
JAMES TAYLOR leaves still hauling lumber at Matz.
FRANK THOMPSON leaves with his hands still in his pockets.
JIMMY LEHENY leaves still digging his way from under a pile of boxes at the First National.
BOB LEHENY leaves his soprano voice to Jim Halliday.
DONATO LEONE leaves DHS to invent some 19th century firearms of his own.
PEGGY LEWIS leaves with some polished apples for college.
JOAN PAULI leaves her tiny waist to Nancy Clapp.
FAITH KELLEY leaves her Irish temper to anyone who desires it.
DANNY KILE leaves his hot Ford to Mike Paltrowitz.
ALTHEA GRUBE leaves in her sister's footsteps.
BILLY KING leaves after gaining some height in DHS.
BOBBY KNAPP leaves in a speed boat.
BOB MELVIN leaves--Now the teachers can have peace.
JO ANN McCORMACK leaves to roll her own cigarettes.
MARY ANN YOUNG wills her book on the "Do's and Don'ts of Going Steady" to Judy Schimelman.
 leaves still carrying his water bucket.
RONALD ZURINSKAS leaves still hearing the expression "Don't Push Yourself" ringing in his ears.
The class of '55 leaves their pot of pork and beans to the party poopers of '56.
To Coach Crotty we leave our sincere wishes that next year's football team is as good as ours was. It couldn't be better.
LORRAINE BOSCO leaves her gullible ways to Kay Miller.
JOAN KULIESCH leaves her "Gift of Gab" to Sandra Scully.
BUNNY LA CAVA leaves his favorite pronoun "I" to Johnny Zinzer.
DICK RAPP leaves--No more squeaks in the band.
BETSY STARR leaves her come hither glances to Ann Jazinski.
GEORGE RADACHOWSKY leaves his well dented helmet to Dave Lounds.
BARBARA BRAUN leaves to take stock in Harry's Pharmacy.
JOHN BRNDJAR bequeaths the associate editorship on the Write Up Staff to a capable junior.
JANET BROADHURST leaves to join Ralph Danion.
EUGENE BROCHU leaves knitting an outfit for his first child.
FRED BRONSON leaves still telling RUTH TWISTER that he doesn't have a stock in the "Grand Union."
PATRICIA BROWN leaves her sparkling personality to Junior Gilliam.
NATALIE BUTENSKY leaves to strengthen her voice.
EMILIE BUZAID leaves still "rustling" as she walks.
RICHARD HUMPHREY leaves his "hot rod" to Coach Crotty.
GEORGE HUSE leaves Bernice Wallach behind.
JOHN ISLES leaves to further his cheerleading ability at the "School of Hard-knocks."
NANCY IVANSCO leaves to join the Navy.
BEVERLY JAMES leaves still saying,"Don't call it a John."
NANCY JIMENEZ leaves still trying to gain weight.
AGNES BETTY JOYCE leaves for a life of wedded bliss with Ray Lubus.
MARGARET JURINSKI leaves still reducing.
ROBERTA KALIL leaves for UCONN and Tahan.
VIRGINIA SWEENEY leaves her height to Sharon Moore.
MARY JO RICHICHI leaves for a future career of nursing.
GAYLORD ROCKWELL leaves his ability to argue in English class to any future senior.
WALTER ROCKWELL leaves still painting the football for the trophy case.
ROBERT ROSENBAUM leaves singing,"There's A Pawn Shop On A Corner."
SANDRA ROTH leaves to grow longer hair.
SHIRLEY WOODRUFF leaves her hair coloring chart to Pam Bates.
CHARLES YAGIELSKI leaves to get a shorter name.
SAUL YASLER leaves his brains to Marie Pieregnole.
JOE BAILEY leaves his fancy dance steps and clothes to Bonny LeFebvre.
IRENE BALASH and MARGUERITE BARRETT leave still hashing over the basement teachers.
DICK BALDWIN wills his taxi service to Gene Boughton, does he need it though.
MARCHIA BALZARINI leaves her basketball to Polly Cole.
JOE BARESE leaves his bowling bowl to Fuzzy Bazarian, lets hope he can make better use of it.
KEN BARRY leaves his pegged pants to Stanley Grab. If they get any tighter, they'll stop circulation.
MADELINE BAUER and JANET KRISS will their H020 to Sue Farrell.
WARREN BEARDOW leaves his white bucks to any other Redding Rover who might put them to good use.
ANNA BECK leases still trying to save her voice.
SUE SILVERMAN leaves her extensive collection of sweaters to Adrienne Caprio.
KEN SOMERS leaves his jiffy bottle opener to Ronnie Durkin.
PETER SICKINGER leaves to write a history novel to Miss McKenny.
PAT LYNCH leaves her gift of crashing parties to anyone who has nerve enough to follow in her footsteps.
LIZ McCARRON leaves her great flair for art to anyone who could put it to good use.
WALT McClosky leaves his warmed up seat in the band to Marlene Heim.
MABELLE McKEVETT leaves her list of "Forlorn Lovers" to Sonja Augusewicz.
KEVIN McMAHON leaves his catchers mitt to Dave Lounds.
LIZ SHARP leaves her flouncy petticoats and the legs to go with them to Karen Kennan.
CARLETON SEYBOLT leaves his hot chevy to Tommy Scozzafava.
EVELYN SMIGALA leases her favorite expression, "But Charlotte had my book" to Kay Miller another slider.
ROBERT SHAHEEN leaves his pink shirts to Bobby Marquis, who also looks nice in pink
IN WITNESS WHEREOF we have hereunto set our hand and seal at said Danbury High School on the 21st day of June A.D., One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-Five, signed,sealed,published and declared by the said committee.