55th DHS Class Reunion

Wrap up



It's been over a week since we gathered and we are all probably home and back to our regular routines; but, we have sweet memories of looking back on our DHS school days and catching up with friends that shared our "growing up" and formative years.  As you may expect, we all looked fabulous; had  interesting experiences; boasted of our accomplishments; and minimized our health concerns! Hey! We are the Class of '55..what would you expect?
The events may not have been as well attended as we would have liked; but the enthusiasm of those who came, more than made up for it.  Rick Ramos' s check was the first to be sent in (as always) and he & his wife, Renate traveled from Germany to be with us.  Others came from California, Florida, Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and all points in CT.  Danny Kile, of Texas planned to come, but had to cancel at the last moment.
Friday night was a very casual "Pub & Pizza Nite" at Anthony's Lake Club, off Kenosia Avenue in Danbury.
We pushed some tables together to make one huge one..and became a "family".  It was like pizza at the "Old Oak" in the 1950's (only we didn't carve our initials into the paneling this time!)  It was great to see Rick & Renate Ramos, Joyce Fairfax Pearce, Nancy Andrews & Jim Dingee, Reg Zurinskas, Joye Doutney Ferris, Joan Clausing Fossa, Emil Fusek, Ned & Mary Anne Moore, Don & Helen LaJoie, John Herter, Irene Balash Rotella, Bev Moses & Ed Ackell, Nancy Novicky & Ron Coutinho, Alice Curtin Pompea, Walt & Sue Rockwell, Tom Evagash, Fran Bacon, Bob Cook, John McGarry, John Iles, Pat Cawley & Don Weeden, Martina Wahlstrom Cash and Agnes-Betty Joyce & Bill Trimpert.
Saturday night, we glitzed up and enjoyed passed hors de' oeuvres, salad, pasta course, and our entrees.  Anthony's was decorated with white table cloths, orange & blue napkins (or course), hurricane globe with orange candle centerpieces.  Table favors of orange & blue M & M's, imprinted with "DHS 55" were at each place setting.  The dessert table was adorned with a fresh pumpkin jack-o-lantern with "DHS 55" carved in the front and lighted from within.  As a special treat, the servers wrote "55" in icing on each plate as cake was passed.  Attending Saturday night was Rick & Renate Ramos, Joyce Fairfax Pearce, Frank & Orpha Platt, Nancy Andrews & Jim Dingee, Barbara Tawyer DeFazio, Bob Melvin, Joan Clausing Fossa, Shirley Dascano & Brendan Sniffin, Emil & Jacqueline Fusek, Don & Helen LaJoie, John Herter, Marie DeFazio & Leo Cahill, Irene Balash Rotalla, Bernie & Margaret Gallo, Mary Jo Richichi Blaszka, Linda Keating & Al Jennings, Marge Emerito & Edward Rodolfi, Nancy Novicky & Ron Coutinho, Janina Dziatkowski, Ann Beck & Fred Diker, Alice Curtin Pompea, Walt & Susan Rockwell, Tom & Evelyn Evagash, Fran Bacon, Martina Wahlstrom Cash, Richard & Jane Eriksen, Charles Yagielski, Susan Ginsburg & Richard Brown, Jean Dumas Smigala and her daughter, Beth, Bob & Margaret Cook, George Huse & Toni Nabholz, John McGarry, and Agnes-Betty Joyce & Bill Trimpert.
Emil Fusek did a fine job as Master of Ceremonies and welcomed everyone.  He led a Moment of Silence to remember those Classmates who are no longer with us.  It is sad to note that with the passing of Ron Clark this past week, the number now stands at 65, including our Advisor, Tom Curtin.  The Invocation expressed that we gathered "from a wide variety of places and differing circumstances to share our memories, renew our relationships, and celebrate our lives."  Amen.
Throughout the evening, Tom Evagash showed the DVD made by Paul Hannan at our 50th Reunion.  It was a nostalgic look back and many of us had to play "Guess Who" with the faces on the screen.  We were entertained by DJ Jim Derbyshire and enjoyed dancing and listening to the tunes.  Someone remarked they wondered if today's hip-hop songs were considered "romantic" & played at proms!  We had raffle prizes of cash; a large basket of Italian goodies, put together by Irene Balash Rotella; a basket of local products (Bridgewater chocolate, Brookfield's DiGrazia wine, Danbury Fair DVD, & "Icons of CT" book, and Images of America "Danbury" book) put together by Agnes; and several "Teapot W/ Goodies" baskets, made by Irene- with teapots donated by Fran Bacon.  Ticket sales were brisk and many winners went home with a smile (including most of the Reunion Committee members, who emphatically denied "a fix")
Regretfully, we missed not having our Advisor, Marie Miller, at the Reunion.  She planned to come; but, was unable to do so because the brisk wind and cooler temps are not good for her asthma.  We had her in our thoughts and wish her good health and fond memories of the Class of '55.
The time and talents of the Reunion Committee made for a successful event and a big "Thank You" goes to Irene Balash Rotella, Marie DeFazio Cahill, Tom Evagash, Emil Fusek, Bernie Gallo, and John Herter.  Thank you, too, to All Who Attended, especially the first time Attendees: Sue, George, and Charlie!  In the jargon of the "50's".if you weren't there.you were square"!   Happy to say, we met our expenses with the help of the Treasury we started with.  We can continue to send charity donations in memory of our classmates; and, we have "seed money" toward our next get-togetherwhen we hope YOU will be there.
Please keep in touch with address & email changes and bits of news by contacting Joyce Fairfax Pierce at dhs55mail at aol.com  and also visit  www.dhsclassof55.com  maintained by Paul Hannan.


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